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Not only is this my business,
but I'm also a customer.


Nailah - Regally Insane Owner

Regally Insane is a health and beauty company that was started from my dining room table in 2020. After suffering from the stress of the pandemic, it took its toll on my hair and body. I started losing my hair and my body was battling the after-effects of covid-19....I was a mess. I was desperate and determined to create products that would give me more protection for my body, to regrow my hair and my products did just that! There were so many people who were looking for products to help them battle the same things I've been battling myself, so Regally Insane was birthed. What started at my dining room table has allowed me the ability to offer alternatives and helpful products to my community, particularly African Americans. We are often overlooked when it comes to healthy options from food to medical care, and this allows me to make a difference. 


Regally Insane Hair and Body Health Line™️  is the perfect combination of healthy hair and body wellness products that help consumers to achieve overall body health. The signature 11 oil blend, promotes healthy and natural protection against loss or shedding brought on by stress and other health ailments. Concurrently, the body wellness line was created out of the need to offer healthy and natural protection for the body during these uncertain days and give alternatives besides medication to our community with a focus on the common health issues that African Americans face. Through personal trial and error, our products have consistently shown radical results and alternative treatment for customers; ideally African Americans, those on-the-go, front-line workers and regular travelers.

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Our Mission:

We offer healthy wellness alternatives for all people, especially those who are underrepresented, by bringing awareness and introducing healthy products that they can apply to their daily routine.


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