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Not only is this my business,
but I'm also a customer.


Nailah - Regally Insane Owner

Our Story

Unveiled in 2020, Regally Insane is the hair and body health line dedicated to natural hair enthusiasts who seek truly all-natural products. We’re passionate about helping you maintain a chemical-free hair and body wellness routine because, let’s face it, chemicals can damage your hair and harm your body – and we prefer ours healthy and thriving.

What We Do

We celebrate your natural beauty and empower you to embrace it your way! Our products are like a burst of hydration, packed with vitamins, essential oils, and all-natural goodness to keep your hair and body looking and feeling their best.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand the daily struggles you face, which is why we’ve created convenient solutions for common issues like hair growth, dry hair, diabetes, and protection from everyday germs. Our approach combines tried-and-true remedies with modern innovations to deliver the ultimate products for all-around wellness. And the best part? Our products are free from silicones, parabens, and harsh chemicals you can’t even pronounce.

Our Journey

Regally Insane began at my dining room table in 2020. The stress of the pandemic took its toll on my hair and body, leading to hair loss and lingering effects from COVID-19. Desperate and determined, I created products to protect my body and regrow my hair – and they worked! Seeing so many others facing similar challenges inspired me to share these solutions, and Regally Insane was born.

Our Commitment

What started at my dining room table has grown into a mission to provide alternatives and helpful products to our community, particularly African Americans who are often overlooked when it comes to healthy options. Regally Insane allows us to make a difference, offering quality, all-natural products and the educational resources needed to make informed choices about well-being.

Join us on this journey, because at Regally Insane, we’re all about you, your natural beauty, and your health – inside and out.


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Our Mission:

We offer healthy wellness alternatives for all people, especially those who are underrepresented, by bringing awareness and introducing healthy products that they can apply to their daily routines.


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